Meet the Farmers of Illinois

Did you know that today, nearly all Illinois farms – 96 percent – are family owned? While our farms may come in different shapes and sizes, we all value the same thing: responsibly growing safe, healthy food for your table and ours. We are excited to share our stories with you and answer your questions about how your food is grown on our farms.

Get to know local farm families by clicking on the map pins near your location. Want to know more? Click on their image to learn more about their farm and read their blog posts.

Farmer Spotlight

John and Aaron Mitchell

Winnebago, IL

Meet John and Aaron

Tammy Wakeley

Rockford, IL

Meet Tammy

Michele Aavang

Woodstock, IL

Meet Michele

Angie Hildebrandt

South Beloit, IL

Meet Angie

Brent And Amber Mueller

Garden Prairie, IL

Meet Brent And Amber

Brian and Jen Sturtevant

Lanark, IL

Meet Jen

Lou Lamoreux

Lanark, IL

Meet Lou

Brent Scholl

Polo, IL

Meet Brent

Drew Kuhn

Genoa, IL

Meet Drew

Justin and Jamie Martz

Maple Park, IL

Meet Justin and Jamie

Mike and Lynn Martz

Maple Park, IL

Meet Mike and Lynn

Paul & Barb Taylor

Esmond, IL

Meet Paul & Barb

Steve and Jolene Ward

Sycamore, IL

Meet Steve and Jolene

Andy and Sarah Lenkaitis

St. Charles, IL

Meet Andy and Sarah

Steve and Elizabeth Ruh

Sugar Grove, IL

Meet Steve and Elizabeth Ruh

Chris and Dana Gould

Elburn, IL

Meet Chris

Kristin Srail

Geneva, IL

Meet Kristin

Ruth Zeldenrust

Glenwood, IL

Meet Ruth

Abby Temple

Fulton, IL

Meet Abby

Jamie Walter

DeKalb, IL

Meet Jamie

Andy and Katie Pratt

Dixon, IL

Meet Katie

Lynda Gould

Ashton, IL

Meet Lynda

Deanne Frieders

Waterman, IL

Meet Deanne

Trent Sanderson

Clare, IL

Meet Trent

Alan and JoAnn Adams

Sandwich, IL

Meet Alan

Frank and Teresia Keller

Oswego, IL

Meet Frank and Teresia

Scott and Karen Bohnert

East Moline, IL

Meet Scott and Karen

Megan Dwyer

Geneseo, IL

Meet Megan

Gracelynn Dale

Walnut, IL

Meet Gracelynn

John and Kate Hagenbuch

Utica, IL

Meet John and Kate

Justin Durdan

Streator, IL

Meet Justin

Paul and Donna Jeschke

Mazon, IL

Meet Paul and Donna

Chad Bell

Viola, IL

Meet Chad

Nick and Missy Saathoff

Manteno, IL

Meet Nick and Missy

Krystal Jungmann

Little York, IL

Meet Krystal

Ron and Deb Moore

Roseville, IL

Meet Ron and Deb

Mary Faber

Pontiac, IL

Meet Mary

Matt Boucher

Dwight, IL

Meet Matt

Andrew and Karlie Bowman

Oneida, IL

Meet Andrew

Brett and Krista Swanson

Oneida, IL

Meet Krista

Eleanor Basehoar

Peoria, IL

Meet Eleanor

Andrew Roselius

Onarga, IL

Meet Andrew

Jeff Jarboe

Loda, IL

Meet Jeff

Alison McGrew

Good Hope, IL

Meet Alison

Joni Bucher

Good Hope, IL

Meet Joni

Emily Webel

Farmington, IL

Meet Emily

Holly Spangler

Marietta, IL

Meet Holly

Mclane Steidinger

Gridley, IL

Meet Mclane

Rachel Coventry

Champaign, IL

Meet Rachel

Sarah Hastings

Sidney, IL

Meet Sarah

Jered and Samantha Pugh

Wellington, IL

Meet Samantha

Dave Bishop

Atlanta, IL

Meet Dave

Thomas Titus

Elkhart, IL

Meet Thomas

Grant Noland

Blue Mound, IL

Meet Grant

Michael and Sara Prescott

Springfield, IL

Meet Michael and Sara

Monica Green

Arthur, IL

Meet Monica

Evan Marr

Jacksonville, Illinois

Meet Evan

Genny Six

Chapin, IL

Meet Genny

Kenneth & Kathryn Mentzer

Assumption, IL

Meet Kenneth & Kathryn

Elliott Uphoff

Shelbyville, IL

Meet Elliott

Emily and Justin Adcock

Moweaqua, IL

Meet Emily and Justin

Andrew Bagley

Shipman, IL

Meet Andrew

Heather Hampton+Knodle

Fillmore, IL

Meet Heather

Phil Borgic

Nokomis, IL

Meet Phil

Beth Marcoot

Greenville, IL

Meet Beth

Chris and Angie Eckert

Belleville, IL

Meet Angie

Andrew and Heather Spray

West Salem, IL

Meet Andrew and Heather

Alexis Hartman

Waterloo, IL

Meet Alexis

Rick Rubenacker

McLeansboro, IL

Meet Rick

Don Duvall

Carmi, IL

Meet Don

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