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Jered and Samantha Pugh

Jered and Samantha Pugh

Wellington, IL


About Jered and Samantha Pugh


Our farm was started by Jered’s grandparents, Murray and Betty Pugh, in 1944. Jered was born and raised in the top soil of East Central Illinois. His time on the family farm with his dad and grandfather helped keep the love of the land alive. While working on a wheat harvest crew, he learned the skills of farm management and has since taken over the farm after his parents retired.

Samantha’s start in agriculture looked a little different. It came in the form of a babysitting job for the farmer next door and turned into milking cows for five years, bailing hay and helping work on 4-H projects with the neighbor’s children. “Since I wasn’t raised in this, I’ve found that this is truly my passion. It wasn’t passed down to me; it was experiencing the hard work, the dedication and the perseverance that I witnessed. I knew I didn’t want to live or raise children in any other way, other than a family farm.”


We believe it is important to be as diverse as possible when it comes to choosing what to grow. For example, we are branching into growing more acres of alfalfa hay for a local dairy farm and beginning to grow High Oleic Soybeans that will be used in low trans fat cooking oils. We want to educate the interested consumer about the advancements in technology and agriculture that have taken place in the last two decades. We, along with the rest of the world, are constantly trying to evolve and continue to feed an ever-growing population.


The best part about farming is that we never have the same day twice. We don’t always know the outcome, but we know that at the end of the day, God will provide. We also greatly enjoy being able to work for ourselves and carry on the tradition that was started by our family in 1944.

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