96% of all farms in Illinois are family-owned

Yep, 96%. If you thought it was just faceless corporations “managing” these fields and animals from afar, we hope you’re pleasantly surprised. Because what you’ll find on Illinois farms are families, just like yours.

We are your family farmers, and we’d love to hear from you

Nearly 70,000 families own and operate family farms in Illinois, growing versatile crops like corn, soybeans, and wheat, plus important proteins and nutrient sources like pork, beef, and dairy, and even specialty crops like pumpkins, peaches, and horseradish. What we grow and how we grow it might look different from farm to farm, but the thing that’s true for nearly all of us, is that we’re doing it as a family. That creates an inherently strong desire to do it in a way that our family – and yours – can be proud of.

Browse the profiles below to get to know our featured families. Have questions? You can get them answered directly by one of us, too.

96% family-owned, 100% committed

Our farms look different than they did years ago. Some are bigger; some are smaller and more specialized. What’s consistent is that we’ve needed to evolve so that multiple generations of families can farm together. And we’re certainly doing things better. Time and experience are great teachers, just like the family members that did this before us. A commitment to continuous improvement is in our DNA as we constantly look at how we can improve the way we care for the land and our animals while providing the safest food supply in the world – the safest food for you.

69K+ family farms
9K+ farms 100+ years in the same family
100K+ crops and livestock raised

Support local farms, buy direct

It can be hard to feel connected to the farmer behind your food, fuel and other everyday needs. We feel that, too. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to create those connections with Illinois farm families by purchasing directly from them, whether that’s at one of Illinois’ many farmers markets or buying locally raised beef from a farm near you.

We’re a social bunch – let’s connect

We love what we do, and we love even more when we get to share our family’s passion for farming with others. Whether it’s on our social media channels, through a farm visit or something in between, we can’t wait to meet you.