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Justin and Jamie Martz

Justin and Jamie Martz

Maple Park, IL


About Justin and Jamie Martz


“Justin and I both grew up on farms, a passion that was cultivated very early in life. Today we’re part of a three-generation family farm partnership with Justin’s family running a custom feedlot – meaning we receive mature cattle from other farmers and feed them a high-quality grain-based diet for the last few months until they’re ready for market. We also grow corn and soybeans, which creates a regenerative, sustainable cycle with our cattle: crops feed our cattle, and cattle produce manure, a nutrient-rich, natural fertilizer that nourishes our crops. With three young children of our own who love to help around the farm, we’re hoping to continue the family farm in the future with a fourth-generation partnership.

We live on the home farm, which is where Justin’s grandparents lived and worked and raised their own kids for nearly 50 years. And when it comes to the farm today, family is never too far away. Justin’s grandparents are still active on the farm – even at more than 80 years old – and Justin’s mom and dad and aunt and uncle work on the farm daily. It’s truly a family effort.


Farming requires hard work, and sometimes long hours. But we absolutely love what we do and this way of life, making the hours and time spent all worth it. And that’s a love and passion that we hope our kids find in the work they ultimately decide to pursue, whether that’s on or off the farm.

For now, we’re focused on making the farm the best it possibly can be so it can be here for our kids if they want it. That includes things like incorporating solar panels on our farm to offset our energy needs, and adopting new practices to take care of our land and animals the best we can.