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John and Aaron Mitchell

John and Aaron Mitchell

Winnebago, IL


About John and Aaron Mitchell


Our family has been farming some of the same land for generations. Since our grandparents bought their first dairy cows, each generation has grown the farm to support more family members and keep the farming legacy alive. Today, we milk 380 cows three times a day and grow corn and soybeans with our dad’s cousin. His kids are in college now, so we’re working towards making room for them in the family business, as well.


We both attended the University of Illinois majoring in animal science, knowing we wanted to return to the family farm after college. Our focus was on getting an education that would improve our farming practices and grow our farm to support more people. Aaron took an interest in genetics, so he is primarily in charge of breeding and calf-care on the farm, whereas John oversees the cows. When you milk nearly 400 cows three times a day, you need to have some extra hands, so we work together with a team of employees to make sure the cows are well cared for.


We don’t waste anything on our farm. Manure from the cows gets reused for fertilizer on fields. That fertilizer helps our corn grow which we harvest and use to feed the animals. Even water from the milking parlor gets recycled!