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Emily and Justin Adcock

Emily and Justin Adcock

Moweaqua, IL


Emily and Justin Adcock

Farming is all Iíve ever known

I grew up on a crop and cattle farm, and now I’ve married into a farm family that does the same. Together with Justinís parents, we form Adcock Land and Livestock. Justin and I work most closely with the cattle side, with Justin helping with daily operations, breeding decisions and overall herdsman (the main person responsible for providing care for our animals). Justinís dad works more on the crop farming side, and Justinís mom, like any great farm mom, does all the things. The family involvement extends beyond that Ė grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and even the next generation all are involved; itís truly a family operation and labor of love.

Weíre whatís considered a seedstock and cow-calf farm, meaning we have calves that are born on our farm and weíll sell those animals to other families involved in raising beef cattle. Breeding plays a very important role on our farm, as weíre responsible for supplying other farm families with great genetics and animals that will do well under their care.

We thrive when our land and animals thrive

There is nothing better than watching an itty-bitty seed turn into a harvested corn plant, or baby calves turn into momma cows. We take great pride in both farming and raising cattle. Our animals and land hold a special place in our hearts, and we treat them with the highest care and respect. We thrive when they thrive, and we feel pain when they donít. If it were not for the land or the animals, Iím really not sure what weíd do.