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Gracelynn Dale

Gracelynn Dale

Walnut, IL


About Gracelynn Dale


As a farmer and blogger it’s important for me to be open and honest. I want people to know that our main priority is caring for our animals. Whether that means using farrowing crates when our sows give birth or giving antibiotics to a pig that has become sick, every choice we make on our farm has the pigs’ wellbeing in mind.One of the best parts about being a farmer is sharing it with others. There is nothing better than inviting someone out to the farm and watching their eyes light up as they see our animals for the first time. Each farm visit offers us the opportunity to share how and why we raise our livestock the way we do, and make connections with non-farm families who have questions about the food they eat.

My blog can be found at I also love to share photos and videos from around the farm on Snapchat and Instagram (@gracelynndale).


My boyfriend William and I both grew up in farming families, and we now farm a few acres together in Walnut, IL. After his grandpa passed away, William purchased some of his pigs and equipment and moved them from Manito to Walnut. Together we raise a small herd of pigs and grow enough corn and soybeans to grind into feed for them. William and I both work full time off the farm, too. He is a high school agriculture teacher and FFA advisor, and I work for a local agricultural trucking company.


The pork on our table comes from pigs we raise, and we want to provide the best quality meat possible. Walking through the grocery store, I have the same questions and concerns as any consumer. I enjoy making connections with as many farmers as possible, so I know exactly who to ask when I have questions about the food I buy. My hope is that all consumers can make those same connections, and get their answers from the most reliable source: the farmers!