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Andrew Roselius

Andrew Roselius

Onarga, IL


About Andrew Roselius


Two of my top priorities are sustainability and food safety. I shop at the same grocery stores and make the same food decisions as every other consumer out there, and I want my family to be healthy and happy both short and long term. As a farmer, the land is like a part of my family – we nurture and care for it so that it can continue to provide for generations to come. I work with the Farm Service Agency and Natural Resource Conservation Service to learn how I can best protect plants, water and wildlife. Over the last few years, I have reduced tillage, started using precision technology and planted cover crops on my farm.


I learned most of what I know about farming from my dad. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to farm as a career or not, that was until he rented me 160 acres in 2010. I had helped him on the farm since I was a little boy, but after taking the leap and farming some of my own acres, I was hooked. I found more acres of my own and left my job as a firefighter to farm full-time three years later. I love being my own boss and knowing that my success depends on the decisions I make and the work of my own hands.


It’s important to me to be involved in my community. A lot of rural services and institutions depend on volunteers. I believe that it is my duty as a rural resident to lend a hand, so I am active with the local volunteer fire department, my church and the local drainage district.