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People are hungry for more information about their food, and they are turning to you for answers. But their questions go beyond nutrition and cooking details; consumers are curious about where their food comes from and how it was grown, too.

That’s where we come in. We are Illinois farmers growing food for our families, communities and world. If you’re looking for information about how food is grown, we have the inside scoop. And we’re sharing our best dietitian resources right here in one place.

Watch the free webinars (CPE credits available) or download our free resources below. You can also contact us directly to ask us your question.

Connecting Farm to Food: Dietitian Webinar on The Strength of Beef

Connecting Farm To Food: Dietitian Webinar on 5 Ways Science Proves Dairy Is Desirable

Pork and Protein: Dietitian Webinar Featuring Illinois Farmer

Farm to Food Panel Discussion

Biotechnology Webinar

GMO Traits Fact Sheet

Today, farmers have access to a variety of techniques to grow food and fiber crops that are even more precise and offer greater access to nutritional and environmental benefits while still ensuring food safety. Here’s a breakdown of current crops (and one fish) that have GM (genetically modified) varieties.

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Biotechnology Fact Sheet

Understand the basics of biotechnology, GMOs and gene editing so you can better explain them to others. New gene editing technology (such as CRISPR) isn’t the same as GMOs. Learn the differences here.

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Antibiotics Fact Sheet

Our job is to keep our animals healthy and your food safe. We work closely with veterinarians and follow strict guidelines to responsibly use this valuable tool.

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Organic and Conventional Farming Fact Sheet

Growing and raising food is complex – so are choices at the grocery store these days. Get straightforward information about the similarities and differences between farming methods, and what it means for the food we eat.

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Pesticides Fact Sheet

In a perfect world, farmers wouldn’t need pesticides. Unfortunately, growing food without them is a challenge when bugs and disease come into play. Learn about what chemicals farmers use and measures in place to limit residue on our food.

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