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Kristin Srail

Kristin Srail

Geneva, IL


About Kristin Srail


We host more than 2,500 students on our farm each year for a chance to learn about our farm while they participate in a fall festival. We used to sell produce whole sale to grocers, but the changing community in Geneva has allowed us to more easily market directly to our consumers. We believe in keeping our produce fresh and local. It tastes better that way. The best thing about being a farmer is working outdoors, nurturing all that we love and using our hands to grow the finest quality foods.


Do you know anybody looking for a job? My dad met my mom by asking that same question. At 18 years old, he was selling produce in the parking lot of his parent’s business. He was looking for extra help with my produce at the time, and wound up finding someone who was more than a seasonal worker. They got married 3 years later.


Windy Acres Farm is the only seasonal farm left in Geneva, Illinois. We are known for fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables because our produce is picked daily and sold within 24 hours. We own greenhouses and fields, where we grow flowers, produce, pumpkins and Christmas trees, depending on the market season. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best quality products around. We have a farm stand that is open from spring to the end of fall, we sell at farmers markets six days a week and we have a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, which consists of a local fresh produce delivery subscription.


Farming is a great way to raise a family. The desire to live off the land and provide local food led my parents, Wayne and Daryl, to buy the farm in 1985. All four of their children, Amanda, myself, Jaime and Scott are integral to the farm’s success. Amanda manages new business, with her focus on growing farmers market clientele, managing our CSA program as well as farm field trips. I direct our media, marketing and communication efforts. Jaime is our boots on the ground at farmers markets, our CSA program, and manages and hires 45 seasonal employees. Scott cares for our crops, guaranteeing that the produce is the best it can be. If it were not for the help of our whole family, the farm would not be as successful as it is.