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Megan Dwyer

Megan Dwyer

Geneseo, IL


About Megan Dwyer

I live on the farm where my dad grew up with my husband and our three children. We actively work with both of our family’s farms in Coal Valley and Geneseo, but Todd and I both have off farm jobs, too. Our business, Ag Authority, continues to grow and help serve area farmers. We are looking forward to utilizing the recently fenced in pasture for some bucket calves and 4-H projects for the kids.


I’m a mom trying to balance it all. I want my kids to have endless opportunities and be proud of where they come from. Farming is in my blood and something I don’t take for granted. Being able to farm this land and raise food is a privilege I don’t take lightly. I am always thinking about how the choices I make impact my family and yours.


My husband, Todd, and I both grew up on farms. I truly believe the passion for farming is something you’re born with. My dad used to say I was better at keeping a clean barn than a clean room. I used to take piglets to school to teach my classmates about agriculture, became a pork ambassador in high school, and continue to share my story of agriculture as an adult. It’s important for me to do my part to connect with consumers and tell my story. Too few people have the opportunity to see where their food comes from. Likewise, there are very few people raising our food. We need to share our story.

Megan Dwyer's daughterA HUMBLING LIFESTYLE

My dad and grandfather were influential in my success. They never let gender roles define my abilities and supported my endeavors in production agriculture. We believe it’s our responsibility to ensure the farm is left in a condition in which another generation can return to it and be successful. We want to give our children the same opportunities we had to know what hard work and determination can do. Not all days are good ones, but being able to see a planted crop grow and a newborn calf stand, are truly humbling experiences. Very few professions let you see miracles every day.