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Abby Temple

Abby Temple

Fulton, IL


About Abby Temple


I studied agriculture at the University of Illinois and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and a Master of Science in Food Science. I work as a scientist in product development at an animal nutrition company. I’m also a mom who worries about her kids’ diets, just like any other mom. I want to be honest with consumers about the food they eat. There are so many misconceptions about farming and how food is grown. I feel it is my duty as a farmer to answer these questions from consumers. I am so proud of the food we grow. I love having the knowledge of how our food is grown, and I enjoy sharing this knowledge with others who want to know where their food comes from.

The writing I do at my job is for scientific journals involving a lot of fancy words stating findings and facts, but I enjoy writing real, understandable blog posts with other Illinois farm women on The Real Housewives of Rural Illinois blog!


We raise corn, soybeans, pigs, and three spunky little girls. Agriculture runs deep in my family roots as my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, brother, aunts, and uncles are ALL farmers. Since we both grew up on a farm, my husband Doug and I both knew we wanted to be a part of agriculture. We purchased Doug’s grandparents farmhouse in 2007 and began jobs in the agriculture industry off the farm. After having our first child, we realized we wanted to provide the same “farm life” opportunities that we were able to experience as kids for our own children. We also felt a calling back to our farming roots and wanted to contribute to feeding the world. We built our pig nursery on the corner our five acre farmstead in 2012, and purchased our first piece of farm ground in 2016.