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Christmas Traditions: At the Christmas Tree Farm

I told my husband I was going to write a post on a Christmas tradition in our family, and he jokingly said I needed to write about having a baby every Christmas. I did have a daughter in 2016 three days before Christmas, and I am pregnant now with another baby due very soon after this Christmas. BUT, this is the last one, so I don’t think I’ll let that count as a tradition!

Cutting a real Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm has been a long-standing tradition in my family since I was a young child. There was nothing better than getting out in the crisp cold air all bundled up and running up and down the aisles of trees playing hide-and-seek. It was so fun to just get lost (not too lost, within earshot of parents!) in the big field of trees, and smelling the wonderful pine scent in the air. I was the “chooser” of the tree many years as I always enjoyed finding the perfect one. My requirements for a tree were long needles (Mom strictly requested them as the others were just too pointy), a good shape, no brown needles of course, and a straight trunk was requested by Dad to fit in the tree stand. This was always a fun adventure our family would go on every year often with other family friends. We would throw the tree into the back of our truck, and head off to a warm restaurant for lunch. I so enjoy thinking back on these memories with my family as a child.

Moving forward, I have been so fortunate to have a husband that is willing to help carry on this tradition. He grew up with an artificial tree. The first year I suggested we get a real tree after we were married he wasn’t incredibly excited about the idea. Too much work, too much money, and too much mess was his response. I said it was all worth it! Eleven years later he looks forward to the event now, and we are so lucky to have a tree farm, Timberlane Christmas Tree Farm, just a short drive from our house! This year was a bit of a challenge as I was 7-1/2 months pregnant, and we had a toddler that really wanted to be carried. My husband had to carry the toddler, so this left my two older girls to wheel the tree and cart up to the store from the field. The field is quite hilly, so they worked for their tree this year!

Christmas traditions are so fun, and they bring back memories in so many ways. For me, I get transported back to my childhood, and enjoy providing some of those same memories for my children. Whatever your Christmas traditions, be sure to carry them out this Christmas and share them with others!

To learn more about Timberlane Christmas Tree farm, visit They have a beautiful selection of trees, wreaths, ornaments, decorations and free hot chocolate!

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