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Rachel Coventry

Rachel Coventry

Champaign, IL

Honey Bees

About Rachel Coventry


Honey from my family’s orchard is very fruit forward and won the title “Best Tasting Honey in the World” in 2016. As the resident beekeeper, I couldn’t “bee” more excited! A wide variety of flowering plants within a three-mile radius of the orchard gives the honeybees a lot of different nectar to work with. Of course there are apple blossoms, but there also are strawberries, raspberries, clover, cherries, plums, peaches and wild flowers.

Rachel Coventry and two others in beekeeping gear tend to honey beesGETTING INTO BEES

I started learning about bees in Paraguay with the Peace Corps. When I returned home, I spent time learning the art of beekeeping from my grandpa Paul Curtis. I continue to learn more and more about these fascinating creatures today by working with Master Beekeeper, Maggie Wachter.

(Photography by Mike Tedesco, Illinois Partners Magazine.)