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Alison McGrew

Alison McGrew

Good Hope, IL


About Alison McGrew


I’m a mother; I care about the food I feed my children. Our freezer is always full of beef that we raised on our own farm, but I know that’s not a luxury for most – to know exactly where their food came from. As a farmer in today’s world, I feel like an important part of my job is to be transparent in what we do and encourage consumers to learn more about the food they feed their families. You can follow along with our farm by visiting our blog or following us on Facebook. We welcome your questions anytime!

Alison McGrew and her family walk hand-in-hand towards their cattle in the pastureFARMING FOR GENERATIONS

My husband and I both grew up on grain and livestock farms. We were involved in 4-H and FFA and enjoyed showing livestock at our local county fairs each summer. While we both have full-time jobs off of the farm, we also work together to raise a herd of 40 cows and, of course, our two children, Payton and Nolan.


We knew that farming and raising livestock was something we wanted to do with our own family. Almost all of our free time is spent making our farm and cattle herd better. We don’t mind, though, because we enjoy spending this time together as a family growing something that we love. My favorite time on the farm? During the spring when new calves are being born! It’s a lot of extra work, but it is worth every second.