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Krystal Jungmann

Krystal Jungmann

Little York, IL


Krystal Jungmann

Providing our community with high-quality protein

In 2018, our cattle roots took a slightly different direction. Our cattle business has always been a cow-calf operation, meaning we’ve sold cattle to other cattle farmers, as well as to youth cattlemen to start their own herds and use as a 4-H project. Ultimately, the cattle we didn’t sell to other farmers or we didn’t intend to keep would enter the food supply through our local sale barn. But people were constantly telling us that the quality of our beef was really good, and then they’d ask if we’d sell it. So, we launched Sumner Point Beef, which provided the opportunity to not only make more from our beef than we would at the sale barn, but also to answer questions about what we do on the farm. For instance, what our cows get fed, and why and how we use antibiotics.