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Kenneth & Kathryn Mentzer

Kenneth & Kathryn Mentzer

Assumption, IL


About Kenneth & Kathryn Mentzer

Making our way back to the farm

My husband and I both grew up around agriculture. Kenneth spent his childhood on his familys grain farm, while my dad was a farm manager and both sides of my family were involved in farming.

We both ventured off to college. Kenneth majored in biology and chemistry while I went to nursing school and then anesthesia school. After graduating we spent time working in our respective industries, but Kenneth was really craving doing something different and being outside. His dad needed help on the farm so it became the perfect opportunity. We made the decision to come back to the farm because we both love agriculture, and even though Im a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Im very involved and we are raising our children to have an appreciation for farming as well. Kenneth always says Im the best grain cart driver hes ever had!

Kenneth is set to fully take over the family farm this fall when his dad retires. Well continue to grow corn and soybeans, and maybe some wheat.

Growing our future

In 10, 20, even 30 years, we hope to acquire more land, expand the diversity of our crops, implement new technology to make us more efficient and sustainable, and possibly expand to include livestock. How do we get there? By taking sustainable steps along the way. We practice no-till, which leaves stalks in the ground to prevent erosion, and we plant filter strips and implement sound water management to keep soil in our fields and out of our lakes and rivers.

For us, the ultimate success will be building a farm and a family business that our children can choose, if they want it.

Ag and health go hand in hand

As a corn farmer, I appreciate the products made from corn that we use every day in healthcare: soaps, medications, lubricants, adhesives even bioplastics for things like face shields.

During the pandemic, our local grain processing facility produced large amounts of hand sanitizer for our hospital. Coming from a farm that is part of their supply chain, that was even more meaningful to me.

As a farmer, a healthcare worker, and a consumer like you, Id like you to know that we practice honestly. Sure, our goal is always to get the best yields we can, but not at the expense of the land. We view farming as a responsibility to maintain what we are given and preserve it for future generations. Come see for yourself wed love to show you around.