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Andrew and Heather Spray

Andrew and Heather Spray

West Salem, IL



Education + Tech = Innovation

Andrew has a bachelor’s degree in plant & soil science from Southern Illinois University, while I (Heather) have a master’s degree in crop science from the University of Illinois. Pair our educational backgrounds with a passion for agriculture, and you get our farm, Joy Lane Produce. After much research, we decided to build a hydroponic greenhouse to grow fresh, high quality produce for our local food market.

Our Family

Our two young sons who love to spend time on the farm. Even though they are still young, they do enjoy helping with farm activities. We built our greenhouse as a way to diversify and come back to my family’s farm. We love that we can raise our boys on the farm and spend time together outdoors. Besides farm work, we enjoy camping, fishing and riding 4-wheelers.

Community is Everything 

We love growing food for our local community, but beyond that, we are also active in our church and other community activities. We are active members of the Illinois Farm Bureau and received the Illinois Excellence in Agriculture Award in 2018. Andrew serves on the local school board, and I serve as treasurer of the local community athletic association.