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Eleanor Basehoar

Eleanor Basehoar

Peoria, IL


About Eleanor Basehoar

Family first

I was born and raised in Peoria County on my family farm the same farm that my father, Fred, left for me. Im the fifth generation to occupy these acres and plan on growing and diversifying my business to ensure the sixth generation, my daughters, can do the same. Our land is soon-to-be home to 2,480 pigs. Together, my daughters and I are taking steps to farm sustainably and provide nutritious, affordable food to folks just like you.

Dirty work, bright future

Pigs will enter our barn weighing around 12 pounds and leave when they weigh approximately 280 pounds. Thats a long time, with a lot of pigs which means a lot of poop. But dont worry; the manure from our pigs is stored in an8-foot-deep concrete pit. We are building it with the environment in mind making sure were following engineering standards in the LMFA. Manure from our pigs can be used to fertilize nearby corn and soybean fields, helping deliver quality food to your dinner table.

Feeding the local economy

We are hiring members of our community to help with the construction of our barn, then the milling, delivery of feed and pig transportation. Aside from producing jobs, we will produce over 380,000 pork chops and 5 million slices of bacon per year, feeding our neighbors and then some. Speaking of neighbors, our pigs will eat corn and soybeans grown by other Illinois farmers the same ones who use our manure as fertilizer. Farming truly comes full circle.