taco dinner

Let’s Taco ‘Bout What’s on Your Table

As you assemble that perfect taco, consider how every ingredient started on a farm:

First, you need a tortilla. Corn tortillas come from, well, corn, but those flour tortillas started on a farm, too! Wheat is ground into flour and used to make all sorts of things.

Next up: meat! Tacos are commonly made with beef, but you could switch things up with pork or chicken, too! Regardless of which meat you prefer, it’s all safe, nutritious, and raised by local farmers who care.

Don’t forget the cheese and sour cream! Quality dairy products come from quality milk, and quality milk comes from healthy cows. Dairy farmers work around the clock to make sure their cows stay happy and healthy.

Top it off:

  • Tomatoes are in season from July-October in Illinois. Grab them fresh or enjoy canned or frozen tomatoes that were picked at the peak of freshness to enjoy year-round!
  • Edamame is a soybean variety that gets picked when it is still green and not fully mature. Use some to make a delicious salsa!
  • U.S. farmers grow 6.75 billion pounds of onions each year.
  • Although sweet corn is only 1% of all corn grown in the U.S., we think it should be used as a topping on 100% of tacos.

Taco night – brought to you by local farmers. Let’s eat!