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Maggie Michalczyk



Maggie Michalczyk is a Chicago-based registered dietitian, recipe developer, and author of the Once a Upon a Pumpkin cookbook. She’s a nutrition contributor to many wellness outlets including SHAPE magazine, well + good, and Women’s Health magazine, and is a frequent guest on the Chicago morning shows like The Jam, WGN and Good Day Chicago. Through her love of food and nutrition, Maggie strives to empower people in the kitchen with recipes that are healthy and fun, and out of the kitchen to live a healthy lifestyle and love their bodies.

Maggie studied dietetics at Michigan State University, and when she’s not cooking something with pumpkin, she likes attending workout classes around Chicago and trying different restaurants.  Her dog’s name is Pumpkin too! Get to more about Maggie at

Expert Advice

Know Your Food

I buy food at the grocery store, take it home, cook it, eat it and only sometimes think about how it started from a seed or a plant in the ground. You too? It’s definitely a topic that should garner more attention than it gets and something that is relevant to all of us as eaters of food.