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Christine Palumbo

About Christine Palumbo


Becoming a dietitian checked many boxes for Christine: science-based, working with people and FOOD. After completing her degree, dietetic traineeship and getting married, Christine worked as a cardiology and diabetes dietitian both in Minneapolis and in Chicago. She then turned her focus to earning her MBA with a marketing concentration and raising her three children.

Most recently Christine has served as a food and nutrition consultant working in worksite wellness, giving presentations to consumers and health professionals, providing counsel to a variety of food companies, performing literally thousands of calculations to analyze recipes for their nutrient content, serving as a media spokesperson and much more.

When she’s not behind the keyboard writing a column or developing a presentation, Christine may be checking out the in-season produce at her grocery store, in the kitchen stirring a pot of soup, or jogging to energizing music. She may even be in the kitchen as the “Nonna” to her five grandchildren!

Learn more about Christine at her website here.

Expert Advice

Focus on the Facts

Consumer research suggests most of our decision is based on how we feel about something from an emotional standpoint and less about any sort of facts that are provided to us, and label claims on food packaging are designed to be emotionally appealing. But as a dietitian, I encourage you to focus more on the back of a food package than the front because that’s where real facts are reflected on the label – in the ingredients and nutritional profile of that product.