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Chase and Ashley Brown

Chase and Ashley Brown

Warrensburg, IL

About Chase and Ashley Brown


Chase and Ashley Brown grow corn, soybeans, wheat, hogs, and cattle on a multi-generational family farm in Macon County, Illinois. Their family has been farming in Macon County since 1906! Currently, Chase, his dad and his uncle run the farm, but they always have an eye on the future. With luck and hard work, Chase’s daughter, Audrey, will get to live and work this family farm one day.

The Brown’s are serious about sustainability. They plant acres of cover crops, which benefit the soil and help to make it ready for future crops, in addition to having positive impacts for water quality. Chase also sells cover crop seed to his neighbors. He loves the opportunity to talk about conservation with local farmers and help them put their commitment to the future into action. Finally, Chase uses a practice called “no-till” which minimizes soil erosion and positively impacts water quality.

“It is important to me that I do the very best job I can each and every growing season so that Audrey and her children have a viable farm business to rely on. I’m investing in conservation practices to protect the resources we’ve been given and trying to leave the farm better than I found it,” said Chase.