Farmer Tips for Preparing Illinois Sweet Corn

I guess you could say our Illinois farm is pretty sweet.

At least that’s what our customers tell us when they take a bite of our Illinois sweet corn. The ear is crisp, juicy and has a distinct flavor. Our Illinois farm family has been growing sweet corn since before Abraham Lincoln was president. With five generations of farmers, and the sixth on the way, we’re proud of our corn and how we grow it.

We have 35 acres of Illinois sweet corn that are usually ready by mid-July. The wet spring has made planting challenging, so you might not see our sweet corn until a little later in the season. You might be wondering what makes our sweet corn so special. Well, our secret isn’t a secret. It’s the generations of love and care that we put into growing the corn and the rich, moist Oswego soil.

We invest in the latest technology to keep our crop safe from pests. This includes high-tech scarecrows and sound systems to scare away critters who love to eat Illinois sweet corn almost as much as we do.

Keller’s Illinois sweet corn

When it’s time to harvest, we taste test and decide which varieties are ready to be picked. We only choose ears that are at the peak of their sweetness, usually after a good three months of growth. You can find our hand-picked sweet corn at our farm stands throughout the summer.

You might be wondering how to prepare Illinois sweet corn properly. There’s a number of ways to prepare it which include your microwave, stovetop or our personal favorite, the grill. Here are our recommended directions for each.


  • Leave husk on the corn
  • Microwave for 2 ½ minutes
  • Let the corn sit for one minute
  • Carefully peel off the husk and enjoy!


  • Remove husk and silk
  • Bring large pot of water to boil
  • Boil sweet corn for 3-4 minutes
  • Remove corn from water, drain and serve!


  • Leave husk on corn
  • Soak in water for 30 minutes
  • Grill for 15 minutes, turning once or twice
  • Carefully remove husk and serve!

We pick the best corn for our customers every day. Our farm is focused on celebrating and eating the best produce Illinois has to offer. Our one-of-a-kind sweet corn is sure to put a smile on your face, no matter how you choose to prepare it.

Interested in learning more about our farm and what we grow? Visit our website. You can read about how we produce our Illinois sweet corn and a few other state-favorite crops.

If you’re looking to use your Illinois sweet corn in a recipe, consider this delicious Sweet Corn Queso or Latin Hot Dog for fun remixes on traditional favorites.

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