Illinois Popcorn Farmer

Illinois Popcorn Farmers

There’s a lot of reasons for Illinoisans to love popcorn. It’s our official state snack, it’s delicious AND our farmers just happen to grow a lot of it! In fact, Mason County grows more popcorn than any other county in the U.S.

For National Popcorn Day, we wanted to do more than pop some popcorn and revel in its crunchy, flavorful glory. We wanted to celebrate and support the many Illinois farmers who are growing our favorite snack and making our movie nights complete.

Some farmers grow popcorn and sell it directly from their farm. To buy popcorn directly from a local farmer, visit their websites below:

Pilot Knob Comforts

Andrew and Karlie Bowman

Oneida, IL

Bubba Bug Popcorn

Ethan and Natalie Pratt

Dixon, IL

Bud’s Popcorn

Brad Cessna

Maple Park, IL

Other farmers choose to sell their popcorn to a specific brand. In many cases, Illinois farmers grow for Weaver, a national brand based in Indiana. You can find popcorn grown by these farmers on your grocery store shelf in Pop Weaver packages!

  • John Breedlove, Mantino, IL
  • Adam and Lauren Shissler, Topeka, IL
  • Scott Garlisch, Forest City, IL

Now that you know where you can get popcorn grown by your local Illinois farmers, there are no excuses. Go grab a bag and enjoy!

Image courtesy of Pilot Knob Comforts