Ten uses for the apples you picked

Fall is in full-swing, which means you’ve probably already visited your local apple orchard, eaten too many apple cider donuts and picked your own apples right off the tree. How exciting!

But now you’re back at home staring at an entire bushel of apples on the counter and wondering what in the world to do with them. You certainly don’t want to add to waste them, so you must find a way to use them up before they go bad!

Lucky for you, we have some ideas:

  1. Dip ‘em – Caramel, peanut butter, and honey all complement apples beautifully.
  2. Carve ‘em – That’s right. You can carve apples and have mini apple jack-o-lanterns as fall décor!
  3. Stamp ‘em – Cut apples and give them to your kids to make a fun art project.
  4. Peel ‘em – Place a peeled apple in your cake pan to keep cakes fresh and moist.
  5. Cook ‘em – Celebrate fall AND National Pork Month with these pork and apple stuffing bites!
  6. Pie ‘em – When in doubt, make apple pie! Don’t forget the whipped cream.
  7. Sauce ‘em – Use your Grandma’s old recipe or this one from a local orchard to make the freshest applesauce you’ve ever tasted.
  8. Smell ‘em – Cut apples and put them in a crock pot or pan with water, cinnamon, cloves or even vanilla extract to make your home smell like fall.
  9. Cider ‘em – Give homemade apple cider a try!
  10. Freeze ‘em – Save the rest for future pies, cobblers or other apple treats. Simply peel, slice and put into a freezer bag.

Viola! Now you have no excuse to let those apples go to waste. Happy apple season!