Fall produce

When the time’s ripe: a handy Illinois harvest timeline


August – September

Now is the perfect time to pick up fresh sweet corn. Check out your local farmers’ market or head to the grocery store, where there’s a good chance it also came from an Illinois farmer. About one percent of the corn grown in Illinois is sweet corn, the rest is called “field corn” which is enjoyed by farm animals or used to fuel you car!


June – October

Many snap peas and similar beans are already harvested and fresh on store shelves. For protein-packed soybeans, check in late September and October. A small amount of the Illinois soybean crop ends up on your plate, and for those beans that do, here are ten ways to enjoy soy.


August – October

For the tastiest and juiciest watermelons, start searching in August. Lucky for Illinoisans, our state’s sandy soils allow farmers to grow and harvest watermelons through October. Need help choosing the perfect one? We’ve got you covered.


August – October

With apples, the opportunities are numerous. Illinois grows more than 20 varieties of apples from Gala to McIntosh. It is peak time for apples right now, so gather you family and find the orchard nearest you! When you get home, try these unique apple recipes.


September – October

Truly a fall classic, pumpkins are a tried and true Illinois crop. With more than 95 percent of pumpkins processed in the United States grown in Illinois, it’s no wonder they call us “The Great Pumpkin State!” Make sure to save some pumpkins for this decadent pecan pumpkin pie dessert recipe. You can thank us later.