picnic basket

Eat a farm-to-basket picnic this summer

Whatever is in your picnic basket this summer, we’re willing to bet it was grown or raised by an Illinois farmer. More than 72,000 Illinois farmers are growing your food with care and appreciate your support!


Did you visit the deli counter or buy prepackaged cold cuts? Either way, you’re supporting local farmers! Illinois farmers sell their products to be labeled by various brands including popular name brands and store brands.


All cheese starts with fresh milk, and fresh milk doesn’t travel far before the cheese making process begins. Illinois has 24 dairy processing plants that buy milk from local farmers and make it into delicious foods like cheese and yogurt.


Fresh, local produce is easy to find in Illinois in the summertime. Whether you’re buying your fruits and vegetables from a farmers market or a grocery store, it was grown by a farmer – and it’s sure to be delicious!


You’re probably not thinking about farmers when you bite into a tortilla chip, but the reality is that they help bring these crunchy snacks to our tables, too. Illinois soil is perfect for growing corn and soybeans, and those crops are used as ingredients in many snacking ingredients from cooking oil to starch.