pig farmer

Planting trees to improve our communities

Local pig farmers like Kevin Erickson, Taylor Wildermuth and Gary Asay are planting trees to improve their communities. A “tree buffer” is an area of trees that are strategically placed to provide a wind break, recycle clean air, and provide curb appeal to a landscape. In the case of a pig farm, they can also help control odor, provide natural habitat for wildlife, and promote biodiversity.

“Anything to help the neighborhood out,” said Kevin Erickson, a pig farmer from Altona, IL.

Gary Asay and Taylor Wildermuth raise pigs in Henry County. In addition to planting tree buffers, Gary recently installed solar panels so his pig barns are running completely off of solar energy! In Wildermuth’s case, a buffer full of Colorado blue spruce trees from a local tree farm proved to be the perfect fit for his new pig barn.

Tree buffers are just one of the current best management practices that pig farmers are embracing to benefit the environment. Pig farmers understand the importance of stewardship for our future generations – and it shows.