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Beef for All Ages

Food is more than the special memories around the table and the tasty delights we experience across a lifetime. It provides our bodies with fuel to thrive and grow.

Let’s explore how beef’s nutrients can help your family live vibrantly through all stages of life:


For infants and young kids, nutrients such as iron and zinc have been identified as critically important in supporting proper growth and development. Experts agree that breastfed infants need a good dietary source of iron and zinc by six months of age, which cannot be met by breast milk alone. One way that you can boost iron and zinc for your child is by introducing pureed beef as a complementary food. Doing so will provide long-lasting benefits for your baby, such as developing a healthy immune system, improving recall and reasoning skills, and promoting growth and learning milestones.

Tips for introducing your baby to beef include:

  • Start by offering fully cooked, pureed beef. You can choose to buy pre-packaged baby food or make your own in the blender.
  • Once your baby has more teeth, introduce tiny pieces of soft foods, such as Ground Beef crumbles or fork-tender Pot Roast.


The foundation for a lifetime of good health can begin early when children and teens start to enjoy a variety of foods. At this stage in life, it is important to help kids eat smart! Just one serving of beef provides protein, iron and zinc, which are often lacking in diets of kids and teens. Making sure your children get the right nutrients will provide energy for their active bodies, aid in brain development and support a healthy immune system.

View this Kid-Friendly recipe collection for meals like these that help kids eat smart.


We all seem busier than ever. Trying to fit it all in has become a daunting task and sometimes our food choices begin to (literally) weigh us down. As you strive to achieve balance, you’ll need foods that do more than just get you through the day. You’ll need foods that will provide energy, protein, vitamins and minerals. Aim to eat a variety of delicious foods that balance the taste you love with good nutrition. Including one serving of beef will deliver on that goal with B-vitamins, protein, iron and zinc.

Adding more protein to your meals – from foods in the meat and dairy groups, for instance – can be a simple way to help manage several age-related health issues. One of the most notable benefits of including beef in your diet is its ability to build and maintain muscle. As we age, getting the right amount of protein becomes increasingly important to fight off diseases like sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass), type-2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

For every meal, look for recipes that balance taste, nutrition and simplicity for the whole family!

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