cattle in the winter

Our cows get extra care when it’s extra cold

Brrrr – it’s cold here in Central IL! And after having temps in the upper 50’s a few days ago, today’s high of 18 degrees feels miserably cold. Luckily for us, the cows don’t seem to mind too much. They are getting extra feed to keep their bodies warm during these conditions and were overly excited to see the feed wagon this morning! That’s one way we know they are healthy and happy.

Besides feeding extra during these cold days, we also:

  • Check all cows and calves thoroughly for sickness. Signs we look for are sluggish cows or heads and ears hanging down.
  • Pay close attention to their walking and feet. Since things are frozen, we want to make sure no one has hurt themselves on the hard ground or ice.

Everyone looks good today and my girls will spend the day doing what they do best – eating and resting. Stay warm out there!

Michael and Sara Prescott

About Michael and Sara

We have a herd of more than 100 mama cows on our farm, Prescott Angus & Simmental, in Lincoln. Our three kids, Madison, Emma and Carter, are involved from the time a calf is born to the day it’s shipped off to be fed out.

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