Struggling with food choices? Let’s talk.

Struggling with food choices? Grocery shopping can be overwhelming with all of the labels and marketing claims surrounding food these days. Michele Aavang farms with her husband in Woodstock, IL, and she wants you to keep a few things in mind while you’re at the grocery store:

Here’s 4 tips from a farmer to keep in mind while you shop

  1. Don’t be mislead by fear mongers and unjustified guilt.
  2. Discount opinions that tear down someone else’s choice to make theirs look most appealing.
  3. Consider budgets and make choices that work for you.
  4. Ask questions of those who are actually growing your food. You can reach out to Farmers of Illinois here.
Regardless of what labels you reach for at the grocery store, your food is safe. Read more on this topic from Michele Aavang here.

Michele Aavang


About Michele

Located an hour northwest of Chicago, Willow Lea Stock Farm has been in Gary’s family since the 1840s. Here, we grow corn, soybeans, wheat, hay and also have a 60-cow herd of beef cattle. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin- Platteville, our son, Grant, has come back to join the family farm.

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