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Instant Pot Basics from a Farm Mom

So you got an Instant Pot.

Have you been starting at the box in corner? Or maybe, you took it out of the box. And then you put it right back in.

But have you plugged it in? Have you used it? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t used it yet! I’m here to help you get started and conquer your Instant Pot Fear!

Grab a cup of coffee and watch my Instant Pot Basics video at the link below. I also have a downloadable Instant Pot cheat sheet for you here.

This Farm Girl Cooks – Instant Pot Basics and Resources

Before you get started with your Instant Pot, I recommend these three accessories:

  • Ceramic Non-Stick Liner – Are the liners hard to clean? Nope, not really. But this liner makes sticky foods, like rice, slide right out. An extra liner also helps if you’re making multiple dishes for a meal.
  • Silicone Bands -If you plan to make a variety of foods, invest the ten bucks to get different silicone bands for your Instant Pot. You can use red ring for sweet food and blue ring for savory food, white is in common use, Using different bands will keep your cheesecake from smelling, or even worse – tasting, like chili.
  • Egg Bite Molds – I’m going to be honest, I’m pretty sure these started out as molds for freezing baby food. Yes, you heard right. But then Starbucks launched their Sous Vide Egg Bites and changed this into a multipurpose gadget. Egg bites are easy to make breakfasts all week long AND you’ll save the five bucks from Starbucks. #WINNING!

Once you’re ready to start cooking, check out my website for lots of recipes, too!

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