Illinois pig farmer making pork a sustainable choice

7 Reasons to Choose Sustainable Pork

Pound for pound, pig farmers today are using fewer of our earth’s resources to produce more sustainable pork – 29 percent more, that is. Not only are Illinois pig farmers making sure pork is a sustainable choice, it’s healthy and delicious, too!

Since 1959, combined efforts by pig farmers have resulted in a smaller carbon footprint. In fact, humans generate 2.65 percent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from just going to the bathroom. Meanwhile, pigs only create 0.3 percent in total.


  • Pig housing increases protection from harsh weather and predators.
  • Pig farmers are utilizing alternative energy sources to power their farms.
  • Selective breeding results in improved genetics which help farmers prevent illness and injury among their animals.
  • Specialized diets, strictly created for pig needs, have helped to enhance pig health and maximize growth.
  • Grain, used in pig diets, is made using fewer resources – a win for the planet, our health and our pork.
  • Pig manure is used by grain farmers as fertilizer to help grow more feed with a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Tree buffers are being strategically planted to provide wind breaks, recycle clean air, promote biodiversity and help control odor.

The next time you meal prep, remember that pork is a sustainable choice you can make for your next family meal without sacrificing flavor or nutrition.

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