illinois farmer

10 Ways You Know You’re an Illinois Farmer

1. You’re prepared to handle anything Mother Nature gives you. Blizzards, rain storms, heat advisories and drought.

2. The care of your animals takes priority over everything else.
3. Preserving the environment is always a factor in your decision-making on the farm.
4. Mud, rough terrain, or icy roads? No problem. Four-wheel drive.

5. You can see for miles from the highest spot on your farm – and all you can see is corn and soybeans.

6. As a kid, you spent every summer weekend showing livestock at the local county fairs.
7. Your high school class was less than 100 kids.
8. The younger generation is teaching the older generations how to use technology to make the farm more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

9. You learned how to drive as soon as your feet could reach the pedals.
10. You love inviting your urban friends to the farm to learn about how your family grows food for theirs.