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Talk to Farmers. Get the Facts, not the Fear.

Today, on the way home from checking out some new corn and soybean hybrids with Dairyland Seed, Josh and I stopped by the John Deere Pavillon in Moline. While we were walking around checking out the new shiny green bean head and combine on display, a man from the New England area stopped us and asked a few questions about farming (apparently we looked like knowledgable farmers). We had a great conversation and then he said that his wife had a few questions for us and he would be right back. So we waited a minute and he and his wife walked up and introduced themselves, as did we.

She began asking questions about farming and then Monsanto. More specifically, questions about how much control Monsanto has over farmers and how much they pressure farmers into making decisions they may not want to. They also began to explain how Monsanto is said to be in control of 80% of the agricultural market and are responsible for the majority of the GMOs which many people have concerns about. They said this is all what they have been told by others out east. However, they also were very interested in a farmers perspective on the issues and wanted the facts.

Long story short, we began to explain that we do minimal business with Monsanto, not because they are the “devil” the Internet makes them out to be, but because we choose to deal with other companies. Yes, we have a choice. Many choices, in fact, and that Monsanto clearly does not control 80% of the food market.

We explained to them how, contrary to what the Internet makes one believe, no one on our farm has ever been pressured by any company to do business with them and that no one has ever made us plant anything we don’t want to; conventional, GMO or otherwise.

We explained how we supply our customers with the products they demand, whether it be GMO, non-gmo or possibly organic (in the future).

We explained that we follow the science. Actual science, showing both pros and cons for GMOs, organic and non-gmo production, while we support and see the value in all 3.

Lastly I THANKED them for having such a great conversation and being willing to have an open mind to a farmers hands on perspective and facts.

My point of all of this: I encourage you to talk to the farmers. To have that needed conversation about your food. To get the facts not the fear. To keep an open mind and to shake a farmers hand.

I can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciated this out of the blue conversation but I can say it was the highlight of our day. So if you two are reading this, THANK YOU!

Originally posted on the Boucher Farms Facebook page.

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